Lalla Rekya Bint El Khamar

Lalla Rekya Bint El Khamar


Lalla Reqya; Lalla Raqya; Lalla Rkia





Lalla Rekya Bint El Khamar (literally Lady Rekya Daughter of the Red One), is a Queen of Djinn who presides over bathhouses and fresh water springs. Lalla Rekya may be Lalla Mira’s sister. Lalla Rekya rules the Djinn who live in or frequent the hammam (bathhouse; among the Djinn’s favourite haunts). She is a diplomatic, mediating Djinn who maintains spiritual peace. (The hammam is integral to Islam but also to non-Islamic spirits.)

She is a benevolent Djinn who serves as a guardian of women in the hammam. She is invoked for protection by women against any malevolent Djinn lurking in the bathhouse. Lalla Rekya is greeted upon entering the hammam and her protection requested. She is thanked when leaving and bid goodbye. Babies are traditionally brought to the hammam on or near their first birthday and formally introduced to Lalla Rekya amidst celebrating and feasting. An oil lamp with twelve floating wicks is lit in her honor. (Indicating that this is a special occasion; usually she’s given seven wicks.)

Lalla Rekya also heals menstrual and reproductive disorders and is petitioned for fertility.




Lalla Rekya lives in the bathhouse. All of them. She also presides over a miraculous healing spring named in her honor in Sefrou in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Her spring allegedly cures madness and mental illness. An annual festival is held in her honor.


Lalla Rekya receives offerings at night. Traditional offerings include menara (small clay vessels used as oil lamps) with seven wicks; incense and perfume.


Djinn; Lalla; Lalla Mira


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