Lameniel: A demon who takes the form of a human-headed serpent, Lameniel is one of twelve dukes who serve the mighty Hydriel. Lameniel’s name and sigil, both used in summoning and binding him, appear in the Ars Theurgia. According to this text, Lameniel and his fellow dukes are all spirits of the air that wander from point to point along the compass. Despite his airy nature, Lameniel is nevertheless attracted to places that are wet and
moist, preferring to manifest in wetlands, bogs, and swamps. When he appears, he takes the form of a great serpent with a woman’s head. Although monstrous in appearance, Lameniel is reputed to possess a benevolent temperament, comporting himself in a polite and civilized manner. He is attended by over a thousand ministering spirits who carry out his wishes and see to his needs. Elsewhere in the Ars Theurgia, Lameniel appears as one of ten great dukes who serve the infernal prince Bidiel, a spirit of the air who wanders with no fixed place. This version of Lameniel is said to have no fewer than two thousand and four hundred lesser spirits to carry out his wishes. When he manifests, he appears in the shape of a beautiful human.



The Dictionary of Demons written by Michelle Belanger.


Edited and revised for the Web by Occult Media, the 22nd of April 2021. We use British English spelling.

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