The Legendary Tannersville Inn

The Legendary Tannersville Inn is located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Built in 1825, the inn put the town of Tannersville on the map, as the town was actually built around the inn and its original 98 acres. This historic inn has welcomed generations of locals and travellers who have passed through its doors for the past 200 years. The inn has been owned by the Jakubowitz family for the past 34 years.

Besides the wonderful atmosphere, great entertainment, and fine food, the inn is also host to the Pocono Mountain Film Festival—but that isn’t all. The inn is also said to be inhabited by a number of spirits, most likely of former owners and guests who find the inn too enchanting to ever leave.

The Legendary Tannersville also has its dark side. This was the site of what is known as “The Learne Massacre.” The Learne family, who had owned the building, were all killed by the Indians who inhabited the area. Mrs. Learne was hung from a tree and her children were murdered.

On a Real Hauntings investigation, we did find much evidence of spirits following us throughout the evening. My hair was pulled, and cold chills and cold spots were felt in certain areas. EMF readings were high in certain spots. Also, as we were filming an interview with a worker at the inn, we got a shot of an orb in motion on video camera while the worker and interviewer were sitting in a carriage said to be haunted. Right above the worker’s head, the spirit orb appeared, moved around a bit, then disappeared.

Another employee at the inn also reported strange happenings, such as objects being thrown off shelves and unexplainable noises in the night. From this investigation, we concluded that many spirits do still haunt The Legendary Tannersville Inn. We believe that, besides the massacre that took place there, many travellers and locals still find this an attraction and tend to “visit” the inn often in spirit form.

Written by — Alison Lynch Lead Paranormal Investigator, Real Hauntings

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Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger