Lessons Learned: The Anneliese Michel Exorcism – John M. Duffey

Lessons Learned: The Anneliese Michel Exorcism - John M. DuffeyDescription: In 1976, a twenty-three year old German girl, named Anneliese Michel, died following months of exorcism sessions. Despite the fact that she had been medically diagnosed with epilepsy and manic depressive psychosis, two priests conducted numerous exorcism sessions and ignored her mental, medical, and physical condition. Doctors would later state that her cause of death was starvation and dehydration.

Unfortunately, Ms. Michel’s tragic death due to misdiagnosed demonic possession and negligently applied exorcism was neither the first nor the last of such negligence to occur. Complete familiarity with the spiritual elements of demonical possession and attack is the sole focus of most demonologists, exorcists, and clerical members of Christianity. Few clerics have a sufficient understanding of psychiatric conditions that may mimic the symptoms of demonic possession.

The result has been catastrophic for many innocent people over the centuries. The overlooking or ignoring of a person’s medical and psychiatric condition is the primary culprit behind misdiagnosed possession and botched exorcisms resulting in death or serious bodily injury. Father John Duffey, a New American Catholic priest, exposes the truth behind the young girl’s death and renders a standardized approach to properly investigating suspected demoniacal possession, determining the existence of possession, and in the safe execution of exorcism/deliverance acceptable to virtually all denominations of the Christian faith.

This book brings psychology, medicine, faith, legality, and safety together for the first time in order to enhance evaluation accuracy, demonic expulsion, wellbeing for the afflicted, and safety for all involved parties.


  • “”A compelling book that guides the reader and the exorcist to a true understanding of the fundamental needs (spiritual and scientific) demanded for the preparation, execution, and the removal of an authentic demonic possession. Reverend Father John Duffey explores and reveals the mistakes committed in the past and plants a seed in his book to prevent catastrophic results performed by the illiterate on the subject of demonic possession. Lessons Learned, The Annaliese Michel Exorcism is by far the most complete and detailed book on the subject of demon possession, scientific assistance, legal matters, the casting of demoniacal invaders, and the true fight between God and his Angels against the Devil and his minions. The extent in which the case of Annaliese Michel’s exorcism is covered in this book is undoubtedly touching to the human soul, and one must learn from the mistakes of the past before we are doomed to repeat them. This book has and will always deserve my highest admiration.”” -Guillermo Fuentes Diretcor of San Antonio Paranormal Investigations
  • “”Lessons Learned, the Annaliese Michel Exorcism is one of the most objectively informative books on the rite of exorcism available today. It provides well-researched and fact-based material that sheds light on a subject long hidden in the shadows. This books should be in every paranormal investigator’s library.”” -Arizona Paranormal Investigations

About the Contributor(s): John M. Duffey was first ordained as a protestant minister in 2004 and was accepted into the priesthood of the New American Catholic Church (NACC) in October of 2008. He has written a number of theses and regulatory documents for the NACC regarding family violence intervention, clerical ethics, and spiritual affliction/suffering.


Lessons Learned: The Anneliese Michel Exorcism - John M. Duffey

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