Lestat 101

A crash course (or all the vital ‘stats, if you will) on the world’s best loved vampire (Dracula who?)

Name: Lestat de Lioncourt
Birthplace: Auvergne, a region in southern France.
Date of Birth: November 7, 1760 (making him a Scorpio…how terribly proper)
To see a picture of the page from the 1998 Official Anne Rice Calender where Anne herself confirms Lestat’s birthdate,click here
Nicknames: The Brat Prince
The Damndest Creature
The James Bond of Vampires (self ascribed)
Wolfkiller [courtesy of Magnus]
Physical Characteristics: 6 feet tall
Blonde hair (quite vibrant, I might add)Blue/Grey eyes
‘Fairly short, narrow nose’
Well-shaped mouth.
Special Powers: Superhuman strength (can “bend a copper penny double”)
Telekenesis, Pyrokenesis (can cause, through mind power, vampire blood found in other vampires to spontaneously combust)
Acute sense of hearing and vision
Astral Projection
Enhanced healing ability
Can survive prolonged exposure to the sun.
Books Written: The Vampire Lestat
The Queen of the Damned
The Tale of the Body Thief
Memnoch the Devil [transcribed by friend David Talbot]
Books Appeared In: The Vampire Armand
Known Aliases: Lestat de Valois
Sheridan Blackwood
Lestan Gregor
Jason Hamilton
Baron Van Kindergarten
Clarence Oddbody
Dr. Alexander Stoker
Eric Sampson
Age when given ‘The Dark Gift’: 20 or 21 (There is a discrepancy in Anne’s text)
Sire: Magnus, who abandoned him immediately after transforming him.
Mentor(s): Marius, though he’s mostly self-taught
Current Residences: New Orleans, LA
Houses In: New Orleans [Flat in the Rue Royale, though recently abandoned; Mansion on Prytania Street]
New York City
Occupations (Vampire and Mortal): Actor
Rock Star
All-around rule breaker
Songs (with band, The Vampire Lestat): “The Legacy of Magnus”
“The Children of Darkness”
“The Grand Sabbat
“Viaticum for the Marquise” [lyrics]
“Age of Innocence” [lyrics]
“The Dance of Les Innocents”
“Those Who Must Be Kept”
“The Vampire Lestat” [lyrics]
Vampire Progeny: Gabrielle (mother)
Nicholas de Lenfent
Louis de Pointe du Lac
David Talbot
Mortal Beloveds: Gretchen, a nun [The Tale of the Body Thief]
Dora, a televangelist [Memnoch the Devil]
Memorable Moments: Making Claudia, a five-year-old child, a vampire [IWtV]
Driving Armand’s coven out of their archaic practices [TVL]
Becoming a rock star and selling 4 million copies of his debut album [TVL]
Awakening the originator of the vampire race. [QotD]
Switching bodies to become mortal, outwitting master body thief Raglan James to regain his vampiric self [TotBT]
Going into the sun over the Gobi Desert and surviving for almost 2 days [TotBT]
Travelling to Heaven and Hell with Memnoch the Devil; witnessing the creation and crucifixion. [MtD]
Enemies: Raglan James

The Vampiric Personality
A Psychological and Astrological Guide to Lestat
All information taken fromThe Ultimate Personality Guideby Jennifer Freed and Debra Birnbaum (Tarcher/Putnam books, 2001)

The Astrological Vampire Lestat’s (mortal) birthday is November 7, 1760. This makes him a Scorpio, and boy what a Scorpio he is. According to the UPG,”Scorpios are powerful, passionate people with strong, forceful, magnetic personalities.”Those born under this sign “demand–and feed on–the attention of others.”

Scorpios “stride confidently (and yes, even arrogantly) toward [their] goals.”

Scorpios love being the center of attention and have a tendency to be “extremely competitive, jealous, and vengeful.”

Strong Scorpio traits are: Penetrating, determined, incisive, sexy, supportive, committed, strong-willed, and self-reliant.

Weak Scorpio traits are: Possessive, obsessive, and ruthless. (Pgs. 26-9)One Happy FamilyBirth order can also have a great deal to do with identifying one’s personality traits. Lestat is the youngest of seven sons, and his being the youngest has lots to say about why he is the way he is. According to the UPG,Last borns often “turn to creativity, independence, even rebelliousness to stand apart from their siblings.” Last borns are the “revolutionaries” and “rebels” of the family.Strong traits of last borns are: outgoing, sociable, affectionate, and creative.

Weak last born traits are: manipulative, self-centered, and capricious. Last borns have a need to be the center of attention at all times, and they’re often guilty of shirking responsiblity when it comes to owning up to whatever they do. (Pgs. 50-3)We’ve got his numberNumerology is yet another method by which you can uncover various tidbits about yourself. To determine your “life-path number”, just keep adding the digits of your birthday until a single digit remains. Lestat’s bday is 11/7/1760, making his life-path number 5. Fives are:”Die-hard adventurers and explorers”, are always on the move and have a driving desire to know and experience the world. Fives are “driven by a need for change and a fear of routine.”Fives tend to be versatile, clever, original, resourseful, and curious.

On the downside, fives can also be hedonistic, reckless (haha!) irresponsible, and self-indulgent.

Fives tend to make money easily, and enjoy spending it whenever they get the chance.

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