Liber Astrum Infernum -or the "Star Infernal"

Assuming you know the nature of the four Princes of Hell, I will further move into the Divine aspects of the nature of the master of the infernal lords and man in the words of my guide the treasurer of Hell, Mammon.

Liber Astrum Infernum

I – Lucifers Name Lucifer, the aspect of light of the divine truths. Even Thoth is rivaled in his wisdom for he created creation from the abyssic void of the mind of God. Perfect in his beauty and mirrored to none is thy morning star. Fear him not, the wisdom shall protect thee from Samael.

And in his holy light may we go in peace. And in his seal and prayer we may gain his wisdom, from his very name may we bring him glory.

And his seal of duality is thus: In the name of our Lord may we pray to find also our own divinity. For the Prince of light is Microcosm, he is pride, he is knowledge and truth, we shall stride to hide his face from the profane so that none may pervert his divinity.

Man, begotten by God, has been embraced anew. The new aeon is of the blood of Heaven and the renewal of the “true” will. For the chosen sons of pleasure shall rise up and taketh for our lord a throne of justice.

And through the light shall thee prevail over thine blinded sheep of God. For the God of this world cares not for thine. And the illuminated shall be bright enough to blind the eyes of God so that he can causeth no more pain in the world.

So let it be done!

II – The Testament of Mammon Lo brother my legions of 30 and number of 24578 or 8 alone. And I the lone one, formless and void wanted to know the love of God and he smote my eyes so that they blackened. He than mocked me with a crown upon my brow and gave of me the head of the ancient mammoth and the body of man.

Lucifer, took up of my weary heart and spoke the airs of love. On that day of mine dissension I was to anointed in the blood of the Heavens and the Light of our Lord and given the rule over the Treasure of Hell. Than thy almighty lord of light granted me reign over 30 legions.

III – Of the Divine Aspects of Man Man, by nature is in a spiritual slumber. He who is light and life brought man about through his father to witness his beauty. In allowing man to witness his true self or face is to open up thy mind to the knowledge of his true “Divine self”. During mans entrance to this fleshly shell his mind is eradicated and he is forced to begin the arguous journey of life. By the end of a mans life he will have amassed a specific amount of knowledge of the divine self. However, when man studies not of his divine nature of himself he is forced back to earth in another shell to start his life journey all over again. When man finds the light of his own majesty only than may he die a full mortal death.

IV – Of Hell and Death As man passes through the layers of life and gains his wisdom of self divinity, at death his soul leaves the body in three days from the eyes. The soul than travels through thy river stix and is greeted by the hag who strips them naked of earthly vestments. Than the divine self must go before the lord of light and answer nine questions, if wrong he is sent to the lower pit or the frozen Nephilim to be tought and if correct that man may join Lucifers legions. Death should not be feared for it is not an end but a beginning. So endeth this book of the star infernal!


Liber Astrum Infernum -or the “Star Infernal – By Mammon through Rev. Frederick Nagash



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