Liber Revealing

This book of revealing unmasks death and creation as well as the temples of Hell on earth and Hell below. This book shall be my secret bible of the hidden knowledge of the holiest one of brightness.

I – Before Creation

In the beginning, before man, before the Heavens all was abyssic. The great void of the mind of God. God being of pure mind, thought Lucifer into creation and poured out the cup of knowledge unto him. God than gave Lucifer physical form and gave him power over the ornaments of brightness. Than all was quiet! The chaotic void of the supreme one above was silenced.

II – The Fall of Lucifer and the Rise of Man

  Lucifer learned under God all things of a divine nature. Lucifer became than weary of the nothingness and darkness and spoke unto god these words: “I your son Lucifer, petition unto thee for a divine kingdom” So as god replied: “I lord of all things, the almighty one shall createth for us a divine place of my rest.”

And so were the Heavens formed. Lucifer than in his divine aspects created the planets and stars under the will of God.

God than created the company of Heaven and named them. Then the one above spoke thusly to Lucifer: “Son, thy father commands thee to bring light” Lucifer so parted the darkness and all was shown. God hath now seen the face of Lucifer, perfect and unscathed and so God said to all “Let there be light”

The years passed and no words were present in the Heavens. Lucifer broke the silence and said unto God: “Lord almighty, Father of my being, I hearken unto your glory for a peoples to show thy grace and my beauty” and so God created the creatures of the earth from which man evolved. Man in his first civilization was shown by God their divinity but saw not his face.

So Lucifer appeared before man and said: “Thy gifts are plenty chosen ones, thy lord God hath sent me to teach of you the divine sciences” and man came to love the angel of light with as much love as that of God. God, the one above became jealous of his first creations beauty and the bond that was formed with man and Jehovah cursed at Lucifer.

Liber Revealing

By Mammon through Rev. Frederick Nagash