Lilith-Zahriel – The Great Lilith

Lilith-Zahriel is a Mandaean path of Lilith. According to their sacred text, the Ginza Rabba (“The Great Treasure”), Lilith, daughter of the King and Queen of the Underworld, was married to the King of Light or his son. Her dowry is a crown, a magic mirror and a pearl. Their marriage unites the celestial and subterranean realms; Lilith bears a son who possesses knowledge of both realms. He later defends his mother against charges of being a child-stealing Demoness instead revealing her to be a loving, benevolent spirit who sits on the beds of laboring women in order to comfort them, not harm them.




Lilies especially Lilium candidum, also known as the Madonna lily whose petals are sometimes perceived as incorporating the shape of a hexagram.

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