Ling Chui Na

Ling Chui Na



Ling Chui Na is a midwife spirit venerated by women who have had children or would like tohave children. She is the guardian of children, especially those under sixteen years of age. Ling Chui Na was allegedly once a living person born near Fuzhou during the Tang Dynasty (618–907). She is invoked for any aspect of conception, pregnancy and childbirth as well as for caring and guarding children. Ling Chui Na supervises a large staff of female birth spirits. A host of 36 spirits is at her right side; a further seventy-two spirits await her instructions hovering at her left. Her devotees traditionally abstain from eating duck.


A horn to summon her host of heavenly helpers and a magic sword to drive away enemies and evil influences

Sacred day: Ling Chui Na’s birthday is the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar.


Set a table of food for her; offer her any kind of cooked meal with the exception of duck. (A water Demon once tried to drown Ling Chui Na but four ducks bravely and spontaneously came to her rescue. Ling Chui Na vowed never to eat duck again.) Burn candles, incense and spirit money. (See the Glossary entry for Spirit Money)


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