Luciferian Witchcraft

Luciferianism has its fingers in many pies; it has influenced Masonry, Christianity, Judaism, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Zoroastrianism, Enochian magic, Wicca, as well as both ancient and modern witchcraft. Ties to Luciferianism can also be found in the largest ancient pagan religions – those of Greece, Egypt, and Assyria – and also to the religions of the Proto-Indo Europeans.

But what is Luciferian Witchcraft? I will start with what it is not. Luciferian Witchcraft is not “left-hand path” witchcraft, it is not dark Gothic witchcraft, and it is not Satanism or Goetia. Essentially it is the cult of Lucifer, which means “Light Bearer”, who is deity of intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, fire, and divine inspiration. Neither feminine nor masculine, but both at the same time with Lucifer being the masculine aspect and Lilith the feminine. Lucifer is synonymous with Venus, the “Morning Star”. He/she is the torch-bearer, the bringer of fire and therefore the bringer of knowledge; Prometheus who stole fire from Zeus to give it to mankind, Raven who stole the sun, Lucifer who betrayed god and gifted mankind with awareness and knowledge… Lucifer the creator, saviour, and father of mankind. Lucifer is not Satan and the two were not associated until the fear of eternal damnation in an imaginary hell was dreamed up by the Catholic church in the Middle Ages and they needed an adversary to rule it. Before then hell as a place of damnation did not exist, except perhaps in the ancient myths of Tartarus, but instead the belief in an underworld was held across cultures as the realm of the dead.

This is the god of Luciferian Witchcraft, although the deity is usually divided into the feminine and masculine, worshipping Lilith as Queen of the Underworld and Moon Goddess with her harpy features belonging to the creatures of the underworld and worshipping Lucifer as the Lord of Light and Cunning Father, as the crooked one with the blinding torch of illumination between his horns. They are the mother and father of the witch, granting their followers with the arcane knowledge of the moon and the fire of wisdom found within us – the spark, the spirit, the ancient soul.

The meetings and rituals of Luciferian Witchcraft are like the witches sabbaths of old – wild rituals in hidden groves of nature invoking the horned master of the witches – sometimes for a greater purpose than themselves, but sometimes just for worship and personal magics. Sometimes there is a black man to bring them together, and sometimes there is not. There may be hedonism and inhibition, but no sacrifices of goats, virgins or babies – no altars of naked women surrounded by candles. Instead, when the simplest but oldest of mysteries is understood, it is celebrated and reinacted, the gods of witches invoked.

How does one become a Luciferian Witch? Are there covens, groups, or organizations? The answer to the first is the simplest, anyone can choose to be a Luciferian Witch, you may have been one all along and not realized it. If the mysteries of Lucifer and Lilith consume your thoughts and beliefs, then you are a Luciferian Witch. To answer the second question, there are very few specifically Luciferian witchcraft groups, instead there are many Traditional Witchcraft traditions that incorporate aspects and beliefs of Luciferianism into their tradition. Robert Cochrane was one, Paul Huson and Andrew Chumbley others, and Victor Anderson did well before all the previous men (we shall not speak of Michael W. Ford).

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