The Luciferic Hurricane

By Rev. Frederick Nagash In the new millennium, our country will have witnessed the undoing of organized religion as the world floods, burns, and rapidly depletes into a more original primal state and Christianity falls as people realize they cannot be saved. The world has already witnessed many of these things over the past few years and they will continue to worsen and grow more fierce as time passes. You may ask why I bring

this to your attention? The answer is simple, as the world drifts into there more survivalist state they will realize there is no caring, forgiving God guiding them and those that still do cling to the cross are fools! A war is currently being fought and has been fought for centuries now, the war is going on around the world, it has many faces and many names, my favourite is urban blithe. As our world moves more towards an industrial environment and as the o-zone depletes more rapidly by the day the storms and floods will continue to get worse. As our world moves more towards a home like city atmosphere the crime rate will rise to an all time high, this is what I call the “The Great Luciferic Hurricane”. Why you may ask? Once again the answer is simple and right in front of your face, the very essence of Luciferianism the foundation of it is based around survival of the fittest. This is where Luciferic ethics will reign and the so-called “Good Christian Ethics” will prove useless. Christianity is only in place to protect those to weak to protect themselves, with there love all attitude and “forgiveness is divine” crap that has no place in our worlds future, yet many will disagree and call it the “Judgment day of God” in reality it is a “Great Luciferic Hurricane” taking place where your very life may depend on Luciferic ethics, not the weak Christian teachings. Heed these words for as the time grows nearer to the due date you will need to look back and realize what was right all along, and what was force fed into your minds by your parents and the Jew/Christian controlled mass media on the old boob tube. Some may say I'm a bit paranoid and they are correct but if you look at the news paper or watch the news you will see everything I have told you is coming true right before your very eyes, this sounds a bit more like concerned then paranoid if you ask me! The fall of Christianity is obvious and the rise of a new Luciferic age is upon us, stand forth and speak your mind for now is the time to prepare for the silent war!!!!!



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