Luna is the presiding spirit of the moon, personification of all its powers and forces. There was originally very little myth associated with her however she was eventually identified with the Greek lunar spirit, Selene who does have anextensive mythology. The two names are now used somewhat synonymously: Luna is described as “the Roman name for Selene.” Children’s mythology books frequently combine Luna’s name and Selene’s myths.

Luna’s powers affect women, fertility and the sea. She may be invoked to intensify or ameliorate lunar forces or petitioned for favor when astrological lunar phases are inauspicious.



Sacred days:

Roman festivals honoring Luna were held on 31 March, 24 August and 29 August

Sacred sites:

Luna: Earth’s moon bears her name. On the Earthly realm, Luna had a temple on the Aventine Hill and another on the Palatine dedicated to Luna Noctiluca “Luna Who Shines By Night”

See Also:

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  • Selene


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