Magic for Lovers – Selene Silverwind

Magic for Lovers - Selene SilverwindEvery romantic couple needs a little extra magic in their lives, and MAGIC FOR LOVERS offers just the right blend of spice for the bedroom and the soul. Many relationship books encourage partners to strengthen their bonds through sexual adventures that, while bringing short-term sizzle, seldom lead to lasting change.

In MAGIC FOR LOVERS, Selene Silverwind uses a fundamental-and fun-approach that is grounded in ancient Wiccan magical concepts, traditions, and practices, with some tantra, feng shui, and kundalini yoga thrown in. This heady brew of carnal spirituality is integrated into rituals, ceremonies, and spells that are designed to help new lovers last, old lovers rekindle their passion, and all lovers have exciting and meaningful relationships.

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Magic for Lovers - Selene Silverwind

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