Magic, Science and Religion and Other Essays – Bronislaw Malinowski

Magic, Science and Religion and Other Essays - Bronislaw MalinowskiThis vintage book comprises three famous Malinowski essays on the subject of religion. Malinowski is one of the most important and influential anthropologists of all time. He is particularly renowned for his ability to combine the reality of human experience, with the cold calculations of science.

An important collection of three of his most famous essays, “Magic, Science and Religion” provides its reader with a series of concepts concerning religion, magic, science, rite and myth. This is undertaken in an attempt to form a definite impression and understanding of the Trobrianders of New Guinea.

The chapters of this book include: “Magic, Science and Religion”, “Primitive Man and his Religion”, “Rational Mastery by Man of his Surroundings”, “Faith and Cult”, “The Creative Acts of Religion”, “Providence in Primitive Life”, “Man's Selective Interest in Nature”, etcetera.

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