Magick by the Church of Lucifer

Magick cannot be condensed into merely one volume of work, it has a broader perspective than that. Yet, I will keep this essay short, just to give the initiate somewhat of an idea of our workings.

Our magick has a deep base in Draconian/Astral workings. Initiates of our Order will find the basics of our magick more difficult than some of our high magick due to a singular point: The beginning of any ones magickal journey is a rocky one, to say the least.

The initiate must be able to control his/her mind and body completely before he/she can move any further.

To properly perform any type of magick, the initiate must have strong mental focus, devoid of any distractions or emotions but the desired effect. For magick to be worked properly, the initiate must not have mental problems, or the end result could be horrifying and damaging to both the initiate and the Order.

“Black Magick”, as it is coined, has the sole purpose of self gratification, as opposed to “White Magick”, which is used in the gratification of others.

The Magick of the “Left hand path” is a form of Black Magick and “Torelian Magick” is a form of the Left Hand Path.

Torelian magick is not the only spectrum of the occult universe we study, but it is our primary focal point.

“Torelia” is a plane of travel I found during astral projection. It is multifaceted in it's use.

I have performed conjurations with 100 percent clarity, which is something I had been struggling with for some time. I have awakened my inner god, and I have spoken with the spirits of the dead (Necromancy).

The occult's uses are in tact for the primary use to seek vast knowledge, or just knowledge of one's self. It is a vast universe filled with many obstacles along the way. After these hurdles, so to speak, are jumped, the world is yours to explore. And what a fascinating place it could be!!!

Magick By Rev. Frederick Nagash