The Dancer


Mahlat; Mahalath; Makh lat

According to Jewish legend, Hagar arranged a marriage for her son Ishmael with the Egyptian daughter of the sorcerer Khasdiel. Abraham disapproved and later made Ishmael divorce and banish his pregnant bride, who went to live in the desert where she gave birth to Mahalat. When Mahalat grew up, the Demon Agratiel (also known as Igratiel), Ruler of the Desert, fell in love with her. Agrat is their daughter.

Khasdiel, Mahalat’s grandfather, is described as a sorcerer, but his name appears among lists of angels on protective amulets and talismans. Khasdiel’s name is invoked on amulets intended to ward off Lilith.

Mahalat has also been romantically linked with her cousin Esau and with Samael the Poison Angel, but her primary relationship seems to be her rivalry with Lilith. The two rendezvous annually on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement to war with each other. Mahalat leads four hundred seventy-eight hosts of dangerous spirits as opposed to Lilith’s four hundred eighty. (The numbers derive from numerological calculations of their names.) The two Demon-goddesses meet in the middle of the battlefield and shriek at each other. Nothing indicates that they don’t enjoy this war. To some extent they’re shirking other responsibilities. Both are Accusing Angels as well as Demons; they really should be accusing people of sins and violations, not fighting with each other. (Another version says the two Demons are shrieking at the top of their lungs to drown out the sound of human prayer, which offends their ears.)


Consistently described as very beautiful, Mahalat is a compulsive, nonstop dancer. She dances while leading a band of evil angels.

Spirit allies:

Her daughter, Agrat bat Mahalat


Agrat bat Mahalat; Lilith


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