Mahjong Divination

Mahjong Divination is a a form of divination that uses Mahjong tiles to predict the future.


The Mahjong game is said to have originated in China during the Ming dynasty. It was then used as a board game consisting of different tiles. Mahjong divination is also very popular in Asia for the purpose of fortune telling.


There are different tiles used in Mahjong and each tile is associated with a particular interpretation.

The Diviner and Querent sit opposite each other at a table with the Diviner in the West position and the Querent in the East position. Next, all the Mahjong tiles are spread face down at random on the table and the querent pushes the tiles aside, draws and shuffles 13 tiles, then places them according to the diagram below.

                           7    8    9 (West)
(North) 10   11   12       13 (Centre)              4    5    6 (South)
                           1    2    3 (East)
  • Centre (Tile 13) refers to the question at the moment or the central idea.
  • East (Tiles 1, 2, 3) refers to the present situation.
  • South (Tiles 4, 5, 6) refers to the the immediate or near future.
  • West (Tiles 7, 8, 9) refers to the obstacles that may be in your way.
  • North (Tiles 10, 11, 12) refers to the more distant future or the situation as it will be in one year's time.

NOTE: As you turn over the tiles you may find you have drawn a Flower or a Season. If this is the case, draw an extra tile and place it next to the Flower/Season tile.



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