The Seal of Malgaras
The Seal of Malgaras

The Demon Malgaras is a Demon among the 31 Aerial Spirits of Solomon.

Malgaras is the ninth spirit in order, but the first under the Emperor of the West, he rules as king in the Dominion of the West, and has 30 Dukes under him to attend him, in the day, and as many for the night, and several under them again; whereof we shall make mention of 12 Dukes that belongs to the day, and as many as belongs to the night. Every one of them has 30 servants to attend on them exceptingMisiel, Barfas, Aspar, and Deilas, for they have only 20 andArois and Basiel, who have but 10.

They are all very courteous and will appear willingly to do your will.

They appear 2 and 2 at a time with their servants.

They that are for the day are to be called in the day and those for the night in the night.

His 12 major servants of the daytime are

  • Camiel
  • Meliel
  • Borasy
  • Agor
  • Casiet
  • Rabiel
  • Cabiel
  • Udiel
  • Opriel
  • Masiel
  • Barfas
  • Arois

His 12 major dukes of the nighttime are :

  • Aros
  • Doiel
  • Cubi
  • Liblel
  • Raboc
  • Aspeil
  • Caron
  • Zamor
  • Amiel
  • Aspara
  • Deilas
  • Basiel

The Conjuration of Malgaras :

Malgaras: In the Ars Theurgia , Malgaras appears as the first spirit in rank beneath the infernal Emperor of the West, Amenadiel. Malgaras is said to rule with thirty dukes who serve him by day and another thirty who serve him by night. He is described as being both courteous and obedient. His name is sometimes rendered Maigaras. Malgaras is also named in the Steganographia of Johannes Trithemius, a work dating to approximately 1499.



The Dictionary of Demons written by Michelle Belanger.


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