The Demon Marbas (Barbas) is a Fallen Angel and fifth of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Marbas is a president in Hell who rules 36 Legions of Demons. He appears first as a lion but will change into a man. He knows about hidden and secret things. He causes and cures diseases. He imparts wisdom and knowledge of the mechanical arts. He can change men into different shapes.

Marbas - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From “The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King” (1904) Written by S.L. MacGregor Mathers

The fifth Spirit is Marbas.
He is a Great President, and appeareth at first in the form of a Great Lion, but afterwards, at the request of the Master, he putteth on Human Shape. He answereth truly of things Hidden or Secret. He causeth Diseases and cureth them. Again, he giveth great Wisdom and Knowledge in Mechanical Arts; and can change men into other shapes. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits. And his Seal is this, which is to be worn as aforesaid.

The Seal of Marbas

Marbas - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From the “Pseudomonarchia Daemonum” ( 1583 ) Written by Johann Weyer (Johann Wier)

Marbas, alias Barbas is a great president, and appeareth in the forme of a mightie lion; but at the commandement of a conjuror commeth up in the likenes of a man, and answereth fullie as touching anie thing which is hidden or secret: he bringeth diseases, and cureth them, he promoteth wisedome, and the knowledge of mechanicall arts, or handicrafts; he changeth men into other shapes, and under his presidencie or gouvernement are thirtie six legions of divels conteined.

Original Text:

Marbas, alias Barbas, Præses magnus, se manifestans in fortissimi leonis specie, sed ab exorcista accitus humana induitur forma, and de occultis plene respondet, morbos invehit and tollit, promovet sapientiam artiumque mechanicarum cognitionem, homines adhæc in aliam mutat formã. Præest trigintasex legionibus.

Marbas - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From the “Dictionnaire Infernal” (edition of 1863 ) Written by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy

Original Text :

Marbas ou Barbas, grand prĂ©sident des enfers;il se montre sous-la forme d’un lion furieux.

Lorsqu’il est en prĂ©sence d’un exorciste, il prendla figure humaine et rĂ©pond sur les choses cachĂ©es.Il envoie les maladies; il donne la connaissance dĂ©sarts mĂ©caniques ; il change l’hommeen diffĂ©rentes mĂ©tamorphoses ; il commandetrente-six lĂ©gions.


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