Menadiel is a Demon and wandering duke of the air. Menadiel has 20 dukes and 100 companions under his command, plus many other servants. The Demons must be summoned according to planetary hours.

Six chiefs dukes are

  • Larmol
  • Drasiel
  • Clamor
  • Benodiel
  • Charsiel
  • Samyel

The six lesser dukes are

  • Barchiel
  • Amasiel
  • Baruch
  • Nedriel
  • Curasin
  • Tharson

Menadiel: The eighth so-called wandering prince listed in the Ars Theurgia. Like many demons of significant rank, Menadiel is said to have a host of other spirits loyal to him. The court of Menadiel consists of twenty infernal dukes, one hundred companions, and a vast number of other demonic servants. All are reputed to be obedient and civil, possessing basically good natures-or at least as good as anything classified as a demon can be.
Menadiel can also be found in a list of demons from Johannes Trithemius’s Steganographia, written
around 1499.


The Dictionary of Demons written by Michelle Belanger.


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The Conjuration of Menadiel :