Metresili derives from Metresa Sili or Maitresse Ezili. Metresili is the Dominican path of Ezili Freda Dahomey. Just as Ezili is beloved in Haitian Vodou, so Metresili is among the most beloved Metresas. Like Ezili, Metresili is syncretized to Our Lady of Sorrows. Unlike the wanton Ezili, however, Metresili has a reputation as a conservative and chaste, albeit romantic, spirit. She is invoked for love, romance, and prosperity.


Metresili is represented by the traditional image of Our Lady of Sorrows—a beautiful woman whose heart is pierced by swords.

Feast day: 15 September


Pink, white, light blue


Pink roses, pink champagne, rosé wine, pink and red carbonated drinks; pink liqueurs; heart-shaped milagros; old-fashioned lace Valentine hearts

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