The Mimi are a species of powerful, profound, yet tricky and mischievous spirits who live within crevices of rocks and caves in Arnhem Land, Australia. Mimi are immortal. They may be the souls of primordial people who lived on the land before the aboriginal people and taught them survival and creative skills. They appear in various Dreamtime legends.

Mimi blow on cracks in rocks, and the rocks respond by opening and allowing them inside. Sometimes Mimi are friendly toward people; sometimes they’re not. (They allegedly occasionally eat people, although their primary food is wild yams.) Mimi enjoy dancing and singing and are credited with teaching songs and dances to people. They also taught the art of cave painting, and the oldest cave paintings are attributed to them. Mimi protect animals, guarding the balance between them and people. For instance, although Mimi protect kangaroos, they also taught people how to hunt and cook them.


The Mimi are tall and so thin, they won’t go outside when it’s windy, lest their necks snap like twigs.

Creatures: Snakes, kangaroos, wallabies


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