Mindstar – Michael A. Aquino

Mindstar - Michael A. AquinoMindStar explores the mystery of the human soul: what it is, how it can be detected, and how it can be creatively and productively activated. Included is a historical survey of misapprehensions, misuses, and outright rejections of this central, crucial metaphysical core of human existence.

The soul, or “MindStar” as redefined herein, is the key to individual conscious immortality, which is addressed and prescribed clearly and coherently.

My companion books MindWar and FindFar detail the “thought architecture” which is subject to natural and artificial manipulation: subconscious/pattern and conscious/algorithmic thinking. Specifically excluded was conceptual thought, which, being metaphysical, is not subject to such manipulation. This thought comprises the emanations of the MindStar, which this book now examines.

The result of an incarnated lifetime of experience, research, and exploration by the author, MindStar speaks directly and candidly to the questions which have previously been evaded, misarticulated, or condemned as “sacrilegious” or “unscientific” by those fearful of what they might find within themselves.

In short, MindStar is, finally, an “owner’s manual” for the ultimate, omnipotent, and immortal you.

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Mindstar - Michael A. Aquino