Modern Luciferianism – Introduction

By definition Luciferianism could be construed as the worship of the deity or arch-type of the energy named Lucifer.

Luciferianism is often misrepresented in the public view and often mistaken for Satanism even though true Luciferians will tell you Lucifer is separate from Satan.

Luciferianism and Satanism share some very similar views and attitudes but are separate entities unto themselves.

There are two aspects to Luciferianism one being Deistic and the other being anti-Deistic both being acceptable as Luciferian aspects.

Within the different sects of Luciferianism there are underlying principals which both adhere to, based on principals of the four kings of Hell.

Living a life based on the principals of the four kings we achieve self-deification. First I'll start with the Lucifer principle than continue on to the others.

To the Luciferian nothing comes before the self and its development and progress into the new or “manifested self”.

We constantly strive to improve our-self and our “Utopia” to live the only life we'll have to the fullest and spit on those who do little yet expect big things to happen.

We eliminate all whom are parasites from our utopia, deeming them dead and forgetting their existence. Luciferians are by nature very solitary even when within a group such as the Church of Lucifer.

Group activity primarily consists of lectures on traditional Luciferian magick and religion as well as the occasional ceremonial ritual held on holidays. It is because of our solitary nature and individuality that we do not expect every Luciferian to “Love thy brother” as the Christians, Wiccans and even some Luciferic and Satanic groups do.

Even a few Luciferians are real “A$$-Holes” who even I can't stand, let alone love like a brother. I'll leave the “sacred brotherhoods” to the Christians, Masons, Wiccans etc… In my Utopia very few and select are worthy of love, more are worthy of my hate, I find brotherhoods in the L.H.P a ridiculous notion based on a need for acceptance and a “Thrill or adventure”.

Luciferian philosophy is very anti-outsiders, select family and friends are all whom make up each individual Luciferian family. Friends often being more like a member of the family rather than an acquaintance or someone of use.

Everything in your Utopia is a manifestation of your own will, for good or bad. If you let someone use or take advantage of you, don't complain about it later, eliminate them like the parasite they are. Tell them you no longer will let them feed off of you and you don't want them around you any longer, erase them from your existence.

If you want more money get a better job, or higher education to be paid more, the weight of your own existence is in your hands. This total responsibility of the creation and maintenance of your Utopia is what frightens off most people, we're not most people!

Luciferians come from all walks of life, from blue to white collar workers striving to make their own lives more fruitful and pleasant and who don't mind stepping on toes to get there.

We do not believe in apathy, self-destructive behaviors, loving everyone, killing (Physically) in the name of the COL, Satan, Lucifer or something else self-delusional.

We are after all simply, Social Realists and Utopians. “Manifested self – The self once all Luciferian principals are adhered to, the manifestation of a/the spirit through the self or a higher self” “Utopia – everything that is around you that has some form of impact on you or your life.

We create our Utopia by keeping the select few around us who are worthy of our love, getting your ideal job and or accomplishment or recognition of ones natural skills. Simply living the life we most desire and dream about”

By Rev. Frederick Nagash



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