Montezuma II

Montezuma II (Monteczoma, Motechuzoma, Moctezuma, Montecuzomatzin) (sad or angry lord) (1466–1520) is in Aztec history and legend, the last ruler, who ascended the throne when he was 23 and engaged in a campaign to extend his empire. He was noted for his martial prowess, having taken part in nine battles and being a member of the Quachichin, the highest military order of his nation. According to W. H. Prescott in The History of the Conquest of Mexico (1843), Montezuma II’s court was lavish with pomp and “forms of courtly etiquette unknown to his ruder predecessors. He was, in short, most attentive to all that concerned the exterior and pomp of royalty.” He “received the Spaniards as being predicted by his oracles. The anxious dread, with which he had evaded their proffered visit, was founded on the same feeling which led him blindly to resign himself to them on their approach.” Roger Sessions composed the opera Montezuma, with a libretto by Giuseppe Borgese.


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