Naassa: A demon ruled by the infernal president Canibores, Naassa holds the rank of minister and is one of three such demons reputed to appear and speak for their master. Canibores himself cannot be conjured into visible appearance. In the Driscoll edition of the Sworn Book, Naassa is said to cause men to fall in love with women, and women to fall in love with men. He can incite lust and passion, as well as inspiring boundless enjoyment in those
who pursue physical pleasure. A demon firmly devoted to earthly delights, Naassa not only holds sway over lust and passion, but he can also cause luxurious items, such as rare perfumes and costly fabrics, to appear. When he manifests, he assumes a body of moderate stature with flesh that shines like a brilliant star. As is common among demons who serve within the same hierarchy, Naassa’s name closely parallels that of his fellow minister under Canibores, Nassar. Also compare his name and manifest powers to those of the demon Naasa, from Peterson’s Sworn Book.



The Dictionary of Demons written by Michelle Belanger.


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