Nassar: One of three ministers who serve the demon Canibores, a powerful president of Hell. Daniel Driscoll’s edition of the Sworn Book of Honourius tells us that Canibores cannot be conjured to visible appearance himself. Instead, he can be reached through his three ministers, each of whom possesses powers similar to their superior. Subsequently, when Nassar is summoned, he can create “boundless enjoyment” in the opposite sex and sow both love and lust between men and women. He has a nature that is as malleable as silver, and his body shines like a brilliant star. Nassar’s name is conspicuously similar to that of one of his compatriots, Naassa. Such parallelism or pairing of names is common among demons who serve in the same infernal hierarchies. In the Peterson translation of the Sworn Book, Nassar is identified as one of two ministers of the demon Sarabocres. Here, he is connected with the planet Venus. As a Venusian spirit, many of his powers remain the same. In the Ars Theurgia, Nassar appears as a servant of the demon Armadiel, associated with the north. In this text, he is said to hold the title of duke. If the day is divided into fifteen sections, Nassar’s time is the first portion of the day. He is attended by eighty-four ministering spirits.



The Dictionary of Demons written by Michelle Belanger.


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