National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

Located in Canberra, the National Film & Sound Archive is Australia’s filing cabinet for developing, preserving and maintaining films, sound recordings and equipment from the past and present. However, it was not always the pretty looking décor building you see today. From 1931 to 1984, it was the Australian Institute of Anatomy, storing body parts instead! The downstairs hallway was used to house human skulls and is now ripe with unexplained activity, with reports of objects being thrown across the hallway and ghastly moans being heard around every corner and visitors report being held up against the wall unable to move, with the feeling they were being choked. Over 100 ghosts have been spotted here including a young girl who watches people from a grill in the old cinema, a poltergeist that hurls the circular metal containers of old film strips at unsuspecting guests, and a petri-dish throwing spirit in an upstairs dark room. Security firms have also been called out on numerous occasions to inspect “movement” in the hallway where alarms are constantly being set off, only to discover nothing and no reasonable explanation. In 2014, The National Film & Sound Archive functions as just that.

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