Nuadu; Nuadu Argatlam; Nuada of the Silver Hand




Tuatha Dé Danaan

Nuada was an early spirit king of the Tuatha Dé Danaan. He is a powerful seer, warrior, champion of Ireland and an ancestral spirit. He lost his hand in a battle, forcing him to relinquish his kingship, as the Tuatha Dé Danaan demand that their rulers be physically perfect and intact. Dian Cecht, divine smith of the Tuatha Dé, crafted a silver hand for him, earning him a new name, Nuada Argatlam (“Nuada of the Silver Hand”). Eventually Dian Cecht’s children, master healers, were able to reattach the severed hand, enabling Nuada to once again serve as king. Nuada eventually abdicated in favour of Lugh during the Tuatha’s battles with the Fomorians. Nuada may or may not be the same deity as Nodens. Their names are cognates and may have the same meaning.


His magic sword is among Ireland’s sacred treasures.


  • Airmid;
  • Dian Cecht;
  • Lugh;
  • Miach;
  • Nodens;
  • Ogma;
  • Sulis;
  • Tuatha Dé Danaan

The myth of Nuada’s silver hand may serve as inspiration for what happened to the character Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter novels.


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