NYC McCarren Park Swimming Pool

NYC MCCARREN PARK SWIMMING POOL LORIMER STREET, GREENPOINT BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 11222 The McCarren Park swimming pool opened in 1936 and was the brainchild of Robert Moses. In 1979, the city approved $100 million to restore all nine of New York City’s pools so they would be ready for the 50th anniversary celebration in 1986. The pool was closed in 1983 to begin the repairs, but then the community stepped in. A blockade of residents protested fixing the pool, citing the petty crimes and undesirables it attracted. The pool never reopened. It sits alone, a hulking, decaying mass, with razor wire fencing surrounding the entire pool and graffiti on every wall. There are no public records of deaths at McCarren Park pool. But still, people have claimed to see the ghost of a little girl roaming the area at night and have heard her calling for help. Since the mid- 1980s, numbers of homeless people have also died of various causes while taking refuge in the pool area. Park permits do not allow entrance into the pool area. All investigations must be conducted on the outside perimeter. Paranormal Investigation of NYC investigated the pool perimeter and picked up odd EMF readings and cold spots that would drop more than 50 degrees. Orbs were the only thing that showed up on film. EVP recordings were impossible due to heavy traffic noise. —Dominick Villella Paranormal Investigator, Paranormal Investigation of NYC

Taken from the: Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger