There is an old expression about the eye telling all, which relates to the ability of others to recognize or sense when someone else is not telling the truth simply by observing their eye movements. However there is another interpretation to do with divination which in place of a crystal ball or some other smooth surfaced object a psychic is able to read the future through an individual’s eyes.

Oculamncy or Oculomancy is a method by which a psychic will look into a person’s eye in order to see into their future. In this way the eye is considered as a conduit to the spirit dimension, one in which a psychic has the ability to capture the reflections presented at close inspection.

The eye might be considered a mechanism able to reflect that which occurs within the mind of an individual and thereby displays events that may have occurred in a person’s life. However if we were to take this a stage further it might also be true that the eye is able to reflect that which has not yet happened and do this from memories captured within our minds eye in dreams. Dreams are the communications that we have with our spirit-self and exist to guide us through our lives. However their interpretation is often confused and difficult because interoperability issues between the physical and spiritual dimensions are highly complex made so for the purpose of preventing the spiritual dimension from providing us with too much knowledge.

Fortune telling as a means by which psychics and the like provide information about any individual’s future has been developed using numerous techniques, however in recent years the information found by peering into someone’s eye has shown that it is not only possible to identify health issues, but the eye also acts as a means by which an individual can be identified. Therefore the potential of what else lies within the eye at a spiritual level should not be ignored.

The reflection of dreams in our memories is often a set of confusing images sometimes accompanied by indistinct audio. However during sleep it is recognized that eyes move while we dream. It therefore seems reasonable to suggest that what we dream can be reflected within our eye because eyes are reflectors, devices that capture light and reflect the pictures presented in front of us. Fortune telling by the use of looking into a person’s eye should not be considered absurd because proof already exists that the depths of the eye contain far more information than ever previously thought possible. It seems appropriate therefore that psychics who themselves possess uncommon abilities are able to read the reflections of information found within the eye and provided their interpretation is accurate should be able to offer a prediction about the future as provided from a dream communicated from the spiritual dimension.

Divination from a resource such as the eye should be practised more widely as it potentially offers one of the more direct avenues of record communicated from the spiritual dimension. In addition interpretation of the dream reflected in the eye should be no more difficult than any other form of prediction and in some instances may even prove more effective as it truly relates to a specific individual and should contain images working through various scenarios as well as audio. By utilizing the eye as a TV screen a psychic can hope to provide one of the most accurate readings possible.

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