Also known as:

Yelofath; Iolafath; Orafat; Wolphat

Olifat, the trickster spirit of the Caroline Islands in the Western Pacific Ocean, is the son of a mortal woman and a divine father, possibly a sky spirit. Like so many other divine children (Hermes, Apollo, Heracles), Olifat was a precocious baby who matured miraculously fast, Demonstrating feats of strength:

• He ran as soon as he was born.

• Palm trees are reddish because Olifat wiped the birth blood from his body onto them.

He was an unusual child. Other children sometimes weren’t nice to him. They excluded him from games. Olifat got his revenge: he gave stingrays their stingers and shark their teeth, which previously they had lacked. (And yes, Olifat can be a vicious prankster.)

Olifat is an incorrigible and successful seducer. He is invoked to help men seduce women and recover errant wives. Olifat’s romantic advice may be sought via visions and dreams. In parts of the Caroline Islands, Olifat is credited with introducing tattooing, considered magical and erotic.

Plant: Turmeric

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