This goddess with the wonderful name is an ancient spirit of Galicia, now in Spain but once an ancient Celtic kingdom. Orcabella is described as a lusty hag with prodigious sexual appetites. She may be a goddess of sovereignty similar to those of Ireland: a king or ruler must make love to the goddess in the form of a dried-up hag. If he is truly the right king and he has pleased her, she will be transformed into a radiantly beautiful, youthful, fertile woman indicating what his rule will do for the kingdom, too.



Sacred site:

Orcabella is associated with Cape Finisterre (in Galician: Cabo Fisterra), part of the Costa de Morta, the “Coast of Death.” This coastal zone bears that name for two reasons:

• This Atlantic coast is extremely rocky and treacherous, the site of many shipwrecks.

• Finisterre means “End of the Earth.” Celtic cosmology envisioned it as literally the end of the road, the embarkation point for ferries to the islands of the dead.

The region was home to Celtic spiritual rituals and a pilgrimage route. There are many sacred stones in the area, including one called the Tomb of Orcabella. The region is now associated with the Way of Saint James.

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