Orgasmic Invocation

The goal of this essay is to outline and explain the bases behind invocation through orgasm brought on by sexual intercourse or self-stimulation. Sex Magick has been a well-known type of ritual for a long time and is popular among many different types of mystics from Chaos Magickians to Hermetics.

It's attributes will be described herein.

Basic Principle

The basic principle behind sex magick is simple. The feelings induced by sexual acts and the subsequent orgasm(s) put off a great deal of energy. When two people engage in sexual intercourse, their energies intertwine and become as one. This act in itself doubles the amount of energy output and when focused on a certain goal enhances the rate of success in a ritual greatly. Orgasms are the climax of this union and act as a supreme outletting of energy, whether creational, pleasureable, or both; and when focused, can invoke almost anything.

Singlular Sex Magick (aka masturbation), though not as powerful, can still be just as effective, because of the increased ease in focus. Whether or not the goal is focused on throughout the process of sex or masturbation, invocation can still be attained with an extremely focused orgasm, this being the strongest output of energy in the act.

Common Uses

The most common use of Sex Magick is in the conjuration of lust, a ritual aimed at attaining sexual relations with partner of choosing by sending the sexual energy to that person in hopes of influencing their sexual drive in your direction. In this sort of ritual, the person will masturbate to a depiction or thought of the intended goal, or will sometimes act it out. When orgasm is attained, the person will concentrate all of the energy from it into the goal, thereby sending the energy to the person to influence the goal.

Another use of Sex Magick is invocation. The intense energy put-off in a sex act and orgasm can be used to invoke various spirits, Demons or even events1. In this scenario, the person will perform a ritual in a manner pertaining to the goal (ie. invoking a spirit to perform a duty, invoking a thunderstrom, invoking the inflow of cash, etc.) and climax the rite with a sex act, thereby putting an extreme amount of energy into the goal.

Creational Sex Magick

Though this particular kind's success is really dependent on the magickian's beliefs, it can be applied to any kind of situation. The common use of Creational Sex Magick is to use a sexual union to create either a concept or spirit-child, the product of the two souls intertwining. The rites to these are very dependent on the person and really only work well when written wholly by the people involved.

Orgasmic Invocation by Rev. Xul



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