Padre Pio was an Italian Roman Catholic priest who suggested that people in need of spiritual help who could not come to him in person send their guardian angels instead. A great many people followed his suggestion; so many, in fact, that the Padre was sometimes kept awake all night in dealing with the angels. In addition to receiving guardian angels, Padre Pio often sent his own guardian angel to give comfort and aid to others.

As a young priest, Padre Pio went into ecstasies in which he conversed out loud with Jesus, Mary, his guardian angel, and St. Francis.

In 1918 Pio received the stigmata, marks resembling the crucifixion wounds of Jesus. Padre Pio was extremely popular and worshippers frequently cut pieces of his habit to keep as relics. Almost 100,000 people attended his funeral in 1968. The story of Padre Pio’s life is told in the book Send Me Your Guardian Angel by Fr. Allesio Parente.


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