The Demon Pamersiel is a Demon among the 31 Aerial Spirits of Solomon. Pamersiel is the chief of the east and serves under Carnesiell. He has 1,000 spirits under his command, which must be called only during the daytime and with great care, for they are stubborn and arrogant.

Pamersiel’s primary dukes are

  • Anoyr
  • Madriel
  • Ebra
  • Sotheano
  • Abrulges
  • Ormenu
  • Itules
  • Rablion
  • Hamorphiel
  • Itrasbiel
  • Nadrel

Pamersiel and his dukes are evil and false, and not to be trusted. However, they can be commanded to drive away other evil spirits who haunt any place or house.

The Lemegeton, a Grimoire, gives instructions for summoning Pamersiel and his dukes. The ritual must be done in the most secret room of a house, or a hidden grove, wood, or occult place. Other persons must not be able to observe the ritual.

The place should be airy. The spirits can be summoned into a stone or glass and bound into the objects. A crystal stone must measure four inches in diameter and be set on a table consecrated to King Solomon.

The Seal of Pamersiel must be worn upon the breast.

To call Forth Pamersiel, or any of these his servants: