People Are Strange

In today's culture there is to much labeling by the appearance of another human being, if someone wears a particular article of clothing or has tattoos ect., it defines how others perceive them and is enough for most feeble minded humans to say what that person is.

In reality I may wear all black, have tattoos or piercing, but this does not mean I am stupid or am a particular type of person.

In reality, someone can wear the same clothes I do, and even wear the Baphomet and inverted crosses which symbolize Satanism and not be a Satanist.

But, because they look a particular way, they would be considered a Satanist in the public eye.

If you were to ask me, I would tell you the people that try hard to fit into society and dress in the “so called” proper way just to suit another person, is the true weirdo.

I encourage everyone I meet to dress how they, and I stress “they” want to dress and not to please the mass media.

People Are Strange – By Rev. Frederick Nagash



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