Pessomancy is a form of divination that uses beans or pebbles.


Derived from the Greek pege ('spring') and manteia ('prophecy')


It is an old and simple mantic art that is believed to have been practiced by both ancient Greeks and the ancient Egyptians.
It is basically performed by shaking a number of pebbles in a basket, bowl, or buffalo horn and then dumping them out onto the ground or floor. The pessomancer then look for symbolic messages in the patterns formed by the scattered pebbles.


The selected pebbles or beans are of the same size and smooth. Mark the pebbles or beans with symbols and colors relating to issues such as health, communications, success, and travel. The stones were either thrown out after shuffling in a bag or drawn out at random.
The divinator would then interpret from this. To ask the “talking stones”, hold the pebbles in your hand and think about your questions. With your eyes closed, throw the pebbles in front of you. The pebble nearest to you will be your answer.

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