Phii Krasue

Phii Krasue

The Filth Ghost


Phii Krasyy



The Phii Krasue is a deadly, nocturnal, parasitic spirit who makes her home within living people, typically old, solitary women, usually spinsters or widows. During the day, the Phii Krasue rests within her host. At night when the woman sleeps, the Phii Krasue slips through her mouth to go hunting. She flies around in search of favourite foods: blood, human excrement, placentas, and the intestines of pregnant women and unborn children. She will also consume raw fish and meat.

Usually the Phii Krasue returns to its host at daybreak but if it can locate and attack a laboring woman, the Phii Krasue will stay away until these victims are totally destroyed, no matter how long it takes. First she kills the baby by eating its intestines. She drinks blood that spills during the birth process. The Phii Krasue enters the mother’s body, essentially taking the baby’s place. The mother wastes away, growing ever thinner while simultaneously experiencing desperate cravings for raw or fishy foods, the tip-off that the Phii Krasue is present. When the mother finally dies, the Phii Krasue returns to its original host or finds another old woman to dwell within.

The Phii Krasue cannot be killed or destroyed but can be obstructed, banished, or injured. (An injured Phii Krasue will depart to lick its wounds, possibly literally.)

• Yan cloths, Thai fabric amulets, obstruct and banish her.

• Rooms must smell clean. The Phii Krasue is lured by the aroma of blood or decaying flesh. The placenta must be removed and buried immediately.

• Fragrant, protective incense may repel the Phii Krasue.

A trap may be laid for the Filth Ghost during childbirth:

1. Place thorns beneath the building where delivery occurs (easier with traditional, old-fashioned houses built on stilts) or on the floor wherever blood might drip.

2. Phii Krasue is trapped when her trailing viscera catch on the thorns. She must rip them in order to escape and will then fly away, at least temporarily.

Because her primary hosts are old women and favourite victims are laboring women, Phii Krasue is often considered a female phenomenon. Men shouldn’t feel too comfortable, though, as they are not immune. Phii Krasue lurks in bathrooms to attack both men and women, causing hemorrhoids while trying to grab one of her favourite foods.

Phii Krasue is sometimes translated as “witch,” referring to the old woman harboring the parasitic ghost. The host generally does not know she is possessed. She is an innocent victim, but legendary associations with the Phii Krasue encourage bias against solitary old women.


The Phii Krasue is an invisible parasite within a human host. When she emerges, she manifests as a woman’s head atop dangling entrails. She has sharp fangs and a slurping tongue. Flying at night, she may emit blinking or phosphorescent red or green lights. She can make herself invisible but may be heard lapping up blood or making eating noises.


Aswang; Mae Nak


Encyclopedia of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide to the Magic of Fairies, Genies, Demons, Ghosts, Gods & Goddesses– Written by Judika Illes Copyright © 2009 by Judika Illes.