Pipe Fox

Pipe Fox

Also known as:

Kudagitsune; Kuda Gitsune (literally “Pipe Fox”)



The Pipe Fox, a type of shape-shifting fox spirit, serves as a shaman or magician’s spirit familiar. Its usual form is so small that it inhabits pipes and flutes, hence its name. Special bamboo pipes are also created as vehicles for the Pipe Fox, who may be requested to appear in the pipe and answer a shaman’s questions. Unlike genies enslaved in bottles, Pipe Foxes who work with people do so voluntarily: they are shamans’ and magicians’ allies.

Pipe Foxes may appear small and innocuous, but don’t be fooled: they are exceptionally powerful spirits. The Pipe Fox can cast illusions and summon elemental forces, including fire, water, wind, and lightning.

The hero of the Japanese manga/anime series xxxHolic earns a Pipe Fox’s friendship.


The Pipe Fox is long, thin, and foxy (vulpine) but it is a shape-shifter and can transform.

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