The Star Sisters; The Seven Sisters



The Seven Star Sisters are goddesses of the seven-starred constellation called the Pleiades. These star goddesses are the daughters of Atlas (a Titan) and Pleione (an Oceanid). As primordial, pre-Olympian goddesses, they were very much in demand by the Olympians. All but one had a relationship with an Olympian:

Zeus had relationships with Maia, Taygete, and Elektra.

• Poseidon had encounters with Alcyone and Celaeno.

• Ares was intimate with Sterope.

The Pleiades, mothers of deities and heroes, include:

• Maia

• Alcyone

• Taygete

• Elektra

• Celaeno

• Sterope (or Asterope)

• Merope

Maia was ostensibly their leader but was venerated independently (and may have been very busy as Hermes’ mother). Alcyone then took over leadership of the remaining six. They were venerated together as a group throughout Greece and at Samothrace.





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