Preliminary Explanation of the Four Princes of Hell

The Four Crowned Princes of Hell

Lucifer –  Satan –  Belial – Leviathan

The Four Corners of Evocation

Lucifer – Direction=East, Number=Nine, Element=Air, Colour=White.

Satan – Direction=South, Number=Six, Element=Fire, Colour=Red.

Belial – Direction=North, Number=One, Element=Earth, Colour=Black.

Leviathan – Direction=West, Number=Three, Element=Water, Colour=Blue.

Attributes of the Four Princes

Lucifer – The light bringer, guiding our way to wisdom from the darkness of false truth. The air we breathe, from the east. Who's number is nine, as nine is the number of the pride as any number nine is multiplied into can be added to form nine (Example….9×5=45…4+5=9)!

Satan – The south, whom represents the element of fire which burns inside of us in the form of unbridled emotion (Love, Hate, Rage etc..). Who's number is that of six as six is the number of the Name Jesus six hundred sixty six to be exact (Jesus=18=6+6+6).

Belial – Who holds power over the north, who's element is the very earth which represents staying firm to your beliefs, solidness, not straying from your goals. What number better represents firmness then one, the number that is the base of all other numbers?

Leviathan – The dragon of the waters, who shows the sign of mans true godhood. Just as water can create and destroy life, so can man! Leviathans number is Three the number of unpredictability as it can go into the numbers of Satan and Lucifer yet not Belial which represents mankind's wild streak, not always being so solid. Leviathan resides over the powers of the west.

Preliminary Explanation of the Four Princes of Hell – By Rev. Frederick Nagash



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