Purifying the Chambers

This is a small, short ritual to purify the airs and draw on the magickal forces of the particular ritual chamber. This ritual turns the ordinary bedroom into a magick place of power, in which rituals take place and the mundane dare not tread!!

Before the Ritual:

The Priest of the chambers prepares himself mentally for the ritual at hand and puts on the proper ritual attire and medallion. He then speaks to the other members who might be performing the ritual about what will take place. He then makes sure no members have and second thoughts about the ritual.

The Ritual :

The Priest of the chambers picks up his ritual dagger or wand and draws an inverted pentagram in the air with it. Now, while turning to the four corners (North, South, East and West), he recites the following; “From the south, I summon the flames of unbridled emotion” “From the east, I call upon the airs of truth” “From the north, I invoke the black earth” “From the west, I conjure the dank waters of the abyss”

The Priest then points up, then down, and says: “As I am above, So I am below, Zorabia”

Purifying The Chambers : By Rev. Frederick Nagash



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