Red Men


Who Are The Red Men?

The Fraternity was founded in 1765 and was originally known as the Sons of Liberty. These patriots concealed their identities and worked “underground” to help establish freedom and liberty in the Early Colonies. They patterned themselves after the great Iroquois Indian Confederacy and its democratic governing body. Their system with elected representatives to governing tribal councils had been in existence for several centuries.

After the American Revolution the name was changed to The Order of Red Men. They kept the customs and terminology of the Indians as a basic part of the Fraternity. Some of the words and terms may sound strange, but they soon become a familiar part of the language for every member. The Masons are similar to the Order of Red Men in that they have patterned their rituals and work after the Ancient Masonic Craftsman. The Order of Red Men is a National Fraternal Organization that believes in …

Love and Respect of the American Flag…
Preserving our Nation by defending and upholding the principle of free Government…
America and the democratic way of life…
Preserving the traditions and history of this great Country…
Creating and inspiring a greater love for the United States of America…
Helping our fellow men through organized charitable programs;
Linking our members together in a common bond of Brotherhood and Friendship;
Perpetuating the beautiful legends and traditions of a vanishing race and the keeping alive of its customs, ceremonies, and philosophies.
Legally, The Order of Red Men is a Patriotic Fraternity Chartered by Congress. It is a non-profit organization devoted to inspiring a greater love for the United States of America and the principles of American Liberty.

History of the Red Men

The Order of Red Men traces its origin to certain secret Patriotic Societies founded before the American Revolution. They were established to promote Liberty and to defy the tyranny of the English Crown. Among the early groups were: The Sons of Liberty, Sons of Tamina and the Red Men.

On December 16, 1773 a group of men, all members of the Sons of Liberty, met in Boston to protest the tax on tea imposed by England. When their protest went unheeded, they disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians, proceeded to Boston harbor and dumped overboard 342 chests of English tea.

During the Revolutionary War, members of secret societies quenched their council fires and took up muskets to join with the Continental Army. To the cause of Freedom and Liberty, they pledged their lives, their fortunes and sacred honors. At the end of the hard fought war, the American Republic was born and was soon acknowledged among the Nations of the world.

Following the Revolution the various secret societies founded before and during the conflict continued in existence as brotherhoods or fraternities.

For the next 35 years each group went its own way, under many different names. In 1813, at historic Fort Mifflin, near Philadelphia, several of these groups came together and formed one organization known as the Society of Red Men.

At Baltimore, Maryland, in 1847, the various local tribes came together and formed a national organization called the Grand Council of the United States.

With the formation of a national organization, the Order of Red Men soon spread, and within 30 years there were State Great Councils in 21 states with a membership of over 150,000. The Order continued to grow and by 1920, tribes in 46 states totaled membership over one half million.

Today the Order of Red Men continues to offer all Patriotic Americans an organization that is pledged to the high ideals of Freedom, Friendship and Charity. The same ideas on which the American Nation was founded. By belonging to this proud and historic organization you can Demonstrate your desire to continue the battle started at Lexington and Concord to promote Freedom and protect the American Way of Life.

Goals of the Red Men

To promote patriotism and the American Way of Life; to provide social activities for the members and support various charitable programs. Our activities include:

Flag Recognition Program–A program to honor those patriotic Americans who display the flag regularly.
Faith Of Our Fathers Chapel–Chapel erected at Freedom Foundation, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania to memorialize the ideals and principles of our founding fathers.
Annual Pilgrimage To Faith Of Our Fathers Chapel–Annual meeting to renew and strengthen our beliefs in the American Way of Life.
Retarded Children's Program–Support of various projects and programs of the Association of the Retarded, including the Special Olympics.
Red Men's Day At Arlington National Cemetery–Annual ceremony to honor our unknown soldiers and all brave Americans who have fallen in battle to protect our Freedom.
Red Men's Week–Week of December 16th designated as National Red Men's Week, commemorating Boston Tea Party in 1773.