Reptile Men

Reports of Reptile Men are few and far between but the stories that do surface are truly strange. Although most people know of these creatures only by movies such as “The Creature from the Black Lagoon,” the truth about these strange bipeds may be stranger then any movie magic.

On August 21, 1955 Darwin Johnson was swimming in the Ohio River when she felt a clawed hand grab her knee from the murky depths and pull her under. Darwin struggled to get free from the unseen attacker only to be pulled under again. After throwing herself upward Darwin was able to grab a friend's inner tube and get to safety. A green stain marked her leg with several clawed gashes.

Several sightings took place around the Miami River near Loveland, Ohio in 1955. On May 25 a driver was returning home at about 3:30 AM when he saw a trio of reptile-like bipeds. The man later claimed the creatures had lopsided chests, wide and lipless frog-like mouths and wrinkles instead of hair. One of the creatures held a spark-generating bar. The driver claimed to have watched the creatures for about three minutes before leaving to inform the local police. Police Chief John Fritz investigated the area but could find nothing.

Seventeen years later on March 3, 1972 at 1:00 AM, two different Loveland police officers claimed to have come in contact with a four-foot tall frog faced creature that had leathery skin. The duo saw the biped jump a guardrail and splash into the Little Miami River. About two weeks later one of the police officers caught sight of the creature and fired at it only to miss. Local farmers claimed to see the creature for some time.

Few other reports have surfaced with as much detail as the Ohio reports. Although limited these claims are just as amazing as the similar reports of hairy bipeds.

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