Ritual Construction

I must first advise you in why this is such a short essay.

It is meant to be basic in its construction to allow one as much space needed to utilize the template for personalization.

Normally, I would not feel the need to state this beforehand, but there is an amusing but often unproductive trend on occult and Satanic related websites these days that demands this statement's inclusion: the need for preconstructed rituals.

Though some of these “to-the-detail” ritual templates can be helpful, they leave little or no room for personalization, one of the very msot important things in a ritual.

It must come from you to be the utmost fruitful. With that all said, here is the guide.

The first thing you need is a purpose. There is no point in doing a ritual just for the sake of doing it. It is not something to practice, it's something to utilize when needed. A tool, not a show. Common purposes are: Love, Protection, Lust, and Destruction.

The majority of these listed are with a positive polarity; while destruction falls into a negative catagory. Many will tell you that these come back on you and karma will come for you.

This is generally false and only true if you believe it to be so. When you project energy believing that it will come back on you, you are assigning yourself to the goal as well as the intended target, thus pulling it back on yourself.

The main reason I'd assume this comes from would be the inclusion in many cultures of god-fearing and the stripping of nature's laws of survival. Ignore this, for the only true laws are that of nature.

The second thing to consider is method. The most basic consists of a depiction of your target and you doing whatever is neccesary to project the feelings and energy upon that depiction.

Other more common practices include Evocation and Invocation. Evocation is channelling your energies to force a spirit into a specified area and thus commanding it to carry out your goal. It can be commonly found in Goetic and Enochian texts. Invocation is channelling energy to call a spirit to where you are and asking it to carry out the request.

The ways of going about this vary from person to person and should be entirely up to you. I suggest reading be done on all methods before deciding what you would like to utilize and how you would go about it.

Here are some things to consider for a ritual.

Location –

Where would you like to carry out your ritual? it is said often that a quiet place where you will absolutely not be disturbed is best, as concentration and focus are vital to a successful working.

Setting/Mood – This should be defined by the goal. Whatever assists in attaining the maximum output of emotion pertaining to your goal is best. Incense, Candles, Music, and Oils are all commonly used.

Well, I hope this could be of some use to the newcomer and even give maybe a bit of insight or grounding to the adept. Always remember, you have to want your goal to happen or it won't. 

Ritual Construction by Rev. Xul 



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