This tends to be a more than one Answer thingy, 'cause many of you would now say “Rituals are necessary for success”, others would say “Rituals are totally Obsolete”, and some would say “I like them, but I don't need them”. Different answers for different views, as always, so I would like to tell you what I think about that question….. Are Rituals Obsolete? First Answer: Yes! Second Answer: No, they are necessary!

Long Answer: I think this will confuse you, right? Fine, that is how it should be. Let me explain… If you are alone, why do you do a ritual, 'cause you would change something., but thinking straight forward, the ritual only helps you to direct your will into the right way. So, if it only helps you, you can learn to gain the same goal without the Ritual by directing your will by yourself. If there are more people, trying to reach a goal together, there applies the same as by a single person, but it can be very difficult to get their energies together, and here is a Ritual a real handy thing, because all involved persons will put their energies together without big problems. As you can see, a Ritual is still not necessary, but is getting more important, so when will a Ritual became necessary? When the Person and/or Group is not just doing it to accomplish a goal, but also tries to get Self awareness, Fun, and that special feeling only a Ritual can give. A Ritual is necessary if you do it for the Ritual itself, not just to success in something, and that is something every Magickan/Witch should do from time to time, 'cause it gives you a good feeling and makes you stronger.

01.31.2000 –

Rituals, By Deacon Vorphalac



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