Roxy Studios

ROXY STUDIOS 28-39 REVIEW AVENUE LONG ISLAND CITY, NEW YORK 11101 TEL: 1 (781) 361-0965 WEBSITE: For years, employees at Roxy Studios in Long Island City, New York, would tell stories about strange happenings in the studio. Apparitions would appear on video monitoring equipment, music would be heard after hours when no one was there. Footsteps would be heard above the studio (the only thing above the studio was a crawl space), and occasionally clocks would fly off walls. Employees told stories of books flying across rooms and strange cold spots. The studio cat would avoid certain areas—acting as if he were scared to death. Roxy Studios became a music studio back in 1973 and has changed ownership four times since then. Two of the previous ROXY STUDIOS 64 Encyclopedia of Haunted Places owners have died. The first died of a brain tumor and the second overdosed in the studio. It is believed that the spirits of both owners still linger in the building. Since 1973, these strange phenomena have occurred. Customers are not usually affected by the haunting and only a handful of them have actually witnessed anything unusual. Recently, a longtime employee of Roxy was found dead in his home. The staff wonders if he’ll be the next spirit to inhabit Roxy. Paranormal Investigation of NYC was asked to investigate these allegations and have found cold spots and have heard strange voices on the EVP recordings we captured there. One voice is of a child crying. The staff of Roxy Studios doesn’t mind the haunting; they feel it adds personality to the studio. The spirits of Roxy have never caused any harm; people have always said that Roxy had a life of its own. —Dominick Villella Paranormal Investigator, Paranormal Investigation of

Taken from the: Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger