Rutherglen Mansion Bed and Breakfast – Longview

The Rutherglen Mansion sits on top of Mt. Solo in Longview, Washington. It was built for John D. Tennant, vice president of Long-Bell Lumber Co., his wife, and his two children. They moved in on February 1, 1927. Tennant built and managed the lumber mill, which was Longview’s first industry.

Tennant died in 1949 and the family sold the mansion. It served as a nursing home for 18 years. In 1972, Reuben Grendahl bought the mansion for his family. After the death of Reuben’s wife, the Grendahls moved across the driveway to the carriage house. He then rented the house out and it became a girl’s home and eventually a meeting spot for a church. In 1994, it became a restaurant and bed and breakfast that offers not only a hospitable atmosphere but a haunted one as well. Countless stories pass amongst employees as well as guests about sounds, sightings, and frequent cold spots throughout the house. It is said to be haunted by an old lady named “Alice” who is seen frequently sitting at a window looking out. Also there are rumors that a bride and groom who were once married there haunt the place. No evidence supports any bride and groom dying at the property that we could find. But the mansion was a nursing home for 18 years, and that might explain the old lady who they call “Alice.”

On a prior visit, Southwest Washington Paranormal Research (SWPR) researcher Kim Travis actually witnessed a portrait fly off of a fireplace mantel. With all of this in mind, the SWPR team decided to return to Rutherglen Mansion for another investigation.

For our investigation, we decided to use digital photography, EMF detectors, thermal scanners, and various recording devices. We also had several video recorders monitoring locations where paranormal activity had been reported.

One of the first paranormal occurrences happened as two of our team members were investigating the private dining room. While one was sitting near the fireplace, the other noticed that the fireplace tools were rocking gently in their holder. The team tried to recreate the event by having other people sit in the same chair, but nothing happened, although many pictures containing orb anomalies were captured in this area. All of the researchers felt as though unseen eyes throughout this investigation were watching them.

Written by — Kimberlie Travis and Christine Bridges Southwest Washington Paranormal Research

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Taken from the: Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger