Sacha Huarmi

Sacha Huarmi

Sacha Huarmi literally means “forest woman” or “jungle woman.” She lives in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest near the base of the Andes. Sacha Huarmi is the Green Woman who protects and nurtures wild forest animals. She is the initiatrix of shamans.

Sacha Huarmi is the female counterpart of Sacha Runa, the forest man. They serve as intermediaries between plant spirits and people. In addition, they train, educate, and initiate shamans. Sacha Huarmi will on occasion meet and guide women, but her relationships are generally with men. Sacha Huarmi may greet those who visit her in her forest home but she also visits devotees in dreams and visions.

Popular entertainment is filled with tales of people who can magically assume the form and identity of other people. Examples include episodes of the television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural. These shape-shifters can fool most people, but every once in a while someone sees through the illusion (and on television, saves the day). Sacha Huarmi is such a shape-shifter. She may not display her true form but manifests in a form familiar to her viewer, such as an old friend, relative, or acquaintance.

What appears to be a trick is really a test: a person may realize the deception or be fooled. Sacha Huarmi is assessing your psychic eye: fail to recognize her and she will depart without revealing her true identity. Unlike on television, nothing disastrous will happen, but the opportunity for spiritual guidance and initiation is lost and may not come again.


She is described by author Dale Pendell in his book Pharmako/Poeia as a “beautiful green-skinned, green-eyed, green-haired woman” who wears a woven bark skirt, a brilliant macaw headdress, and nine necklaces of toucan feathers.


Feathered lance, iron pot

Creature: All of them but especially anacondas




Green Man; Sacha Runa; Sachamama


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